A Sincere and Insightful Recommendation on Blowout Sax : A Revolutionary Approach To Learning The Sax.

Written by  on February 25, 2013

Blowout Sax – A Revolutionary Approach to learning the sax

Last week saw the first session with new Blowout Sax student Jon Marsh having been thwarted by the snow.He was praising the book as he had progressed so well using it on his own before we met so I asked him for his thoughts.


‘ Without having started with Blowout Sax : A Revolutionary Approach To Learning The Sax I am confident that without it the long held dream of one day playing the sax would have started very differently.

I can’t believe  that in just a month I have gone from never playing any type of musical instrument to being comfortable with all the notes on my tenor sax and am read to play, if I read from the book a dozen tunes.

It is great that I don’t have to read music to play it.

The book Blowout Sax :A Revolutionary Approach To Learning The Sax is easy to follow and is progressive with each tune introducing new notes and sounds.

It is clearly written,has amusing illustrations and contains some of the classic sax tunes to go at.’

The New Saxmobile 2012

Written by  on October 8, 2012

The Return Of The Blowout Saxmobile 2012.

Many many years ago a funky jazz Saxmobile pottered around Bath resplendid of cartoon images of Charlie Parker, Ronnie Scott and Miles Davis. Then one very sad day as it tottered on the brink of exhaustion some wags stole it!!!!


and the Bath Evening Chronicle wrote this article:~’Find my saxmobile.’The original artwork was copied by a Doctor friend from an album cover using a brush with 2 hairs and bitumen paint!

There then followed a slightly embarrassing call from the Bath Evening Chronicle Staff Member Jack Pennington who declared that he was the originator of the cartoons and was well known for his work at Ronnie Scotts and the UK jazz scene.   So ‘paying price of sax appeal’ which resulted in a musical meeting between Mark Archer teaching  Jack the sax as belated payment of his images!

Now some 16 years later with a new revamped website designed and completed to be of interest for all current saxophonists of all standards, beginners, intermediaries and advanced, wannabe saxophonists and people who simply love the saxophone Mark fulfilled a long held ambition and has recreated a new Saxmobile to help publicize Bath’s very own Blowout Sax School.


Learning his lesson from before he met Jack’s son Marcus Pennington
and on firm condition that this time Pennington’s design was clearly displayed, on the driver’s side are the Jack Pennington cartoons of many of the saxophone greats like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane,Ben Webster and Roland Kirk.


And on the back is The Big Blowout when The Blowout Sax smashed the Guinness world record for the world’s biggest ensemble in 2004 at the Royal Crescent with the majority of players being Blowout Sax School taught.


The design by Mark Archer was co-created with Jason Goodridge who with his company Freestyle Designs attached the images

The Passenger side displays the brand new Blowout Music Agency with its aim is to provide the soundtrack to your event with the spine-tingling sounds of the saxophone as the core of each fantastic professional act.

The bands in this vital and exciting addition to Baths music scene include line-ups to cover the full spectrum of music from the feel-good The Big Blowout Party Band, to the pop classics of The Baker Street Band, to the soul groove of Kingsize SoulSax Inc to the more relaxing vibes of Jazz Reggae or the Swing Specials and everything in between. Events they cover are Weddings, Birthday Parties, Balls, Corporate functions, Charity Events, Garden parties and Special Events.


All the musicians are of the highest quality and feature the charismatic Mark Archer and/or Craig Crofton — renowned exponents of the sax who will make any occasion one that’s certain to be remembered and cherished by your guests.

To complete the unique take of this new saxmobile 2012 you can see on each corner examples of the painted saxs by Cate Archer. They can be mounted on the wall as you would a canvas and placed wherever you wish. They look amazing in the home as an accessory to your interior designs and a wonderful talking point. They look amazing in the home as an accessory to your interior designs and a wonderful talking point. Some of the saxophones can have subtle lighting with the sax so that it projects soft light and colour through the various openings onto the surrounding wall.
These fine art saxophone pieces can be used for hotel and restaurant interiors and displays.

The painted saxophone spark a comment or a desire to own one from teenagers who think they are cool and how they would look in their bedroom in particular the graffiti style Music Man’s Dreams sax with those vibrant colours.

The other is called WILD CAT

Wild Cat is a female horn feline and its fur like in its influence. handpainted sax .This is a very tranquil piece.Its pattern is etched and scratched which allows some of the original metal from the tenor saxophone to glisten through.


Also what an unusual gift for someone who loves the saxophone be it for the music or the sax itself.
It is an unique way of expressing yourself with a piece of art you love. 

AND Finally after 17 long years The Blowout Sax teaching book ideal for beginners who don’t read music and want to learn the saxophone with a fast effective and fun approach is ready. Go to for more details.


It’s a total joy driving the saxmobile 2012 and I hope many folk become aware of the saxophone and join us a Blowout Sax.