Blowout Sax Gig Review 2015

Written by  on November 29, 2015 

andy campbell 3

me seeing camera

kev the farmer with the horn

one step beyond

toxic (2)

Check out One Step Beyond as our finale with Jon Marsh Pauly Archer And Howell David on vocals

Another great set of performances from our ace Blowout sax students playing so many famous sax pieces ..what a excellent soiree of music.

Well I wouldn’t let the team down. Really friendly bunch and some great sax players. You need a bigger venue. It was certainly intimate 😃 you rock Mr Blowout Sax🎷🎷🎷😃 .

Lovely gig Mark, beautifully crafted together ! I need another lesson asap (inspired to get better)


Epic gig Mark. Full of energy and joy. Well sung.


Hi Mark! Thanks so much for inviting me to sing last night! It was fab to be part (tho a small part!) of such a successful and fun evening! I was very impressed by the whole thing- the organisation, the band but most of all, all the players that were keen to get up and play.. That’s all down to you! I know you’ve had years of practise with these evenings, but the energy is daily there in bucket loads! Really well done!


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