RIP DAVID BOWIE -SAXMAN to the End on Blackstar

Written by  on January 12, 2016

bowie and the sax 1

bowie and the sax 2

Blackstar the album,is feral, instinctive, the most out-there dispatch from the guy who celebrated his 69th birthday last Friday and left this Earth on Sunday as rock’s most radical superstar. You could use it to end a party that’s gone on too long or impress a boomer neighbor whose taste hasn’t changed since the heyday of Mahavishnu Orchestra; it’s that brutal and finessed.
Bowie himself honked sax, and so it makes sense that he would choose a parallel player and his band to further the most fertile, forward-leaning elements of The Next Day
Heres Bowie playing sax-
and talking early sax years…