Heather Mills -ex Lady McCartney is a saxophonist and a wannabee teacher!

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Heather Mills says she teaches daughter saxophone because Paul McCartney ‘can’t read music’

Mills describes how she passed on her ‘very musical’ genes to daughter Beatrice

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Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills has claimed to “do all the music teaching” for their daughter because the former Beatles star can’t read sheet music.

The former ski racer and environmental activist, who was married to McCartney between 2002 and 2008, recently spoke to the Guardian about their only child, Beatrice, 11.

“Beatrice says she’s 99 per cent me,” Mills said. “I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I think she’s got the best of both of [Paul and I], we’re both very musical.”

“I taught her the saxophone, because her father can’t read music so I do all the music teaching, and I’m good with languages. She’s a brilliant poet so obviously gets that from him, but I think she’s got the best of both of us.”

Mills also added that she doesn’t like to discuss her past with McCartney that often, saying: “I don’t want to go into my second marriage too much because if you haven’t got something nice to say about someone you shouldn’t say anything at all, and it had a lot to do with the person I married.”

“Considering what went on, the one thing I’m most proud of is I never lowered myself to the level that some parents do where they speak badly about the other parent.”

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Blowout Sax Gig Review 2015

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andy campbell 3

me seeing camera

kev the farmer with the horn

one step beyond

toxic (2)

Check out One Step Beyond as our finale with Jon Marsh Pauly Archer And Howell David on vocals

Another great set of performances from our ace Blowout sax students playing so many famous sax pieces ..what a excellent soiree of music.

Well I wouldn’t let the team down. Really friendly bunch and some great sax players. You need a bigger venue. It was certainly intimate 😃 you rock Mr Blowout Sax🎷🎷🎷😃 .

Lovely gig Mark, beautifully crafted together ! I need another lesson asap (inspired to get better)


Epic gig Mark. Full of energy and joy. Well sung.


Hi Mark! Thanks so much for inviting me to sing last night! It was fab to be part (tho a small part!) of such a successful and fun evening! I was very impressed by the whole thing- the organisation, the band but most of all, all the players that were keen to get up and play.. That’s all down to you! I know you’ve had years of practise with these evenings, but the energy is daily there in bucket loads! Really well done!


China and their end of day ritual of playing Kenny G’s ‘Going Home’ Tale

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Check this for a story
In China,at the end of the day,the end of train rides,and school days and when the malls are about to close – they all play the tune ‘Going Home,’by Kenny G.
He has no idea why they do it and nor do most locals.

From NME magazine Nov.

Blowout Sax Gig soon November 27th 2015 at Chapel Arts Centre Bath

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linda ellie and mark laughing ain't no sunshineBlow out sax Xmas gig poster

Tickets on sale for the 15th year of this amazing event on sale November 9th.
The legendary Blowout Sax School of Bath is opening its doors in North Parade for an incredible informal evening of saxophone based party music played by Blowout Sax students having been taught by Mark Archer and Craig Crofton and backed by a top class band.
A broad overview of some of the tunes played will be pop sax classics ‘Baker Street’, blues classics like ‘Peter Gunn,’ and classic British Madness Ska like ‘One Step Beyond,’ and the Ska classic ‘Message To You Rudy’ amongst many other wonderful tunes like ‘Superstition.’
It will be a remarkable, original and inspired evening.
The event will start at 7.45pm and wrap up around 10.30pm.

The ethos of Blowout Sax is that anyone can play and Mark Archer the School Director aided by the well known Craig Crofton have devised an exciting and unique approach to learning where no musical knowledge is required so if you love the sax you know where to go November 27th gig.

ACE SHOT KIDS WITH MARK Jon Hoffmann photos

ACE SHOT peter gunn with oli moore

william funksters

A taster so to check out a new sax publication online -Saxophone Life articles on Candy Dulfer,Clarence Clemons Andy Sheppard and Raf

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“Candy Dulfer” by Nigel McGill
The queen of pop sax talks about her career and her approach to playing sax.


“Andy Sheppard” by Nigel McGill
ECM artist and one of the most exciting players in Europe talks about his career and approach to learning sax.